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The future of the lending industry is in Afluenta

The leading peer-to-peer lending platform in Latin America, incorporates blockchain techonology into its business to unite the crypto community with digital loans.


The evolution of crowdfunding finances allows you to generate a loan portfolio of Latin American applicants so that investors from all over the world can finance their projects.

In this way, millions of people will be able to access financing and investors will make their money work in an innovative way.

Blockchain tecnology

Stable returns

Global lenders

Local applicants

The revolution of the credit industry

Afluenta´s technology update contemplates created to finance from the acquisition of a token with decentralized consensus mechanisms.

Investors participate in loans fractions by acquiring a token (Alternative Financial Lending - AFL) created by Afluenta. The underlying assets of that token will be loan portfolios that will offer stable net returns compared to other crypto assets with higher volatility.

Invest in a few steps

We designed a model that will allow you to invest in
thousands of loans from Latin American applicants, obtaining more stable returns in USDC.


The future of the lending industry,
today in Afluenta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Afluenta is the leading crowdlending platform in Latin America that allows the generation of human loans between applicants and investors directly, so that those who have the money can support the initiatives of those who need it, in exchange for a fairer and transparent return, achieving a surpassing alternative that the one is offered by banks. As the leader of crowdlending in Latin America, Afluenta has managed to build a powerful ecosystem. With the analysis of more than 5.2 million loan applications and the granting of more than 80,000,000 USD to applicants in the three markets where it operates, Afluenta revolutionized the credit market and made it possible to humanize finances. In the same way that we were pioneers 9 years ago becoming the first company in Latin America to create a collective financing marketplace, today Afluenta is working to be the bridge to finance 3.0 and will evolve to unite the crypto community with digital loans and finance projects of individuals and SMEs, offering more stable returns for their investors. is a new proposal of Afluenta that will lead to a loan product without borders. Powered by Ethereum's Blockchain technology, it will allow investors, who want to put their money to work, while diversifying their assets in Latino applicant loans. This innovative update has been designed for this era, combining the best of the crypto world and financial technology allowing investors from all over the world to operate safely and easily.

Alternative Financial Lending - AFL, is the name of the token valued in stablecoin that is incorporated into the Afluenta community to provide a new global investment alternative. By tokenizing financial instruments, Afluenta will allow isolated Latin American economies to access a global market for crypto assets, while also enabling more diversified financial investments.

The potential of Blockchain, the implementation of its own token and the support of Smart Contracts will allow you to operate safely. The decentralized and encrypted data structure of the blockchain will protect and maintain the privacy of the transactions you carry out within the platform and your transactions will be registered on the blockchain so that you can operate in a transparent and secure way. Complying with high security standards at you will find a platform that will allow you to operate in a decentralized and encrypted way.

Coming Soon. We are working very focused to build the bridge that will connect the blockchain and crypto community with digital loans to offer new products for our investors. We invite you to register at so that we can give you more information about Alternative Financial Lending - AFL, as soon as it is available.

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